University Societies: which ones to join

The best way to meet new people once at university, is to join societies. This will not only enable you to create new friendships, but also to boost your CV!

Here are a few examples…


Joining a sports society is the best way to create new friends and have fun. It’s also an opportunity to try out new things, like the pole dancing or climbing!


Volunteering is a good way to meet new people, but also to help others. It can be a life changing opportunity and can also boost your CV.

Enactus is a growing social enterprise which gives students the opportunity to create their own project and help people wherever and in whatever way they like. You can participate by working in one of their several roles, such as marketing director, PR, accountant, president, etc.

It is not only inspiring, but it also gives you valuable skills that are transferable in the workplace!




Passionate about food, fashion, journalism? Maybe they are not the industry you are willing to enter once graduated from university, but are hobbies that can be cultivated and increase your employability.

Joining the university’s journal can be a great way to write about your passion.


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